Why Should I Attend GrowthCLUB 2021 Planning Session?

As we near the end of 2020, all I can say is, “WOW! What a ride!”. For many, 2020 cannot end soon enough. I think I have heard more adjectives used to describe 2020 than any other year. And it wouldn’t shock me in the least if at some point it came to be a verb—as in, “I got 2020’d!”.

For me, it was a fantastic year! My daughter got married on Halloween, complete with a Halloween ceremony and costume reception! It is an amazing feeling to walk your daughter down the aisle and provide her with the wedding of her dreams!

For my business, 2020 will end as a good year but not a great year. I believe anytime you hit your critical success factors in business, it is a good thing (which I did but missed my BHAGs). If I were to pick one adjective to describe 2020 for my business, I would use ‘distracted.’ What’s great about this is I can use my reflections and learnings from 2020 to create a great plan for 2021!

Why Should I Attend GrowthCLUB 2021 Planning Session?

That brings me to the topic of this blog – 2021 GrowthCLUB. First, let me explain what GrowthCLUB (GC) is. GC is a quarterly planning event for business owners. As ActionCOACH Coaches, we offer GC every quarter to help business owners create their next quarter’s goals and action plans. The final GC of the year (usually held in early December) serves three purposes:

  1. Prepare next year’s annual goals
  2. Create goals and a specific action plan for Q1 tied to the yearly goals
  3. Provide business education opportunities through various speakers and presentations

GC follows one of ActionCOACH’s primary business formulas: DxGxPxLxA (hint – if you want to learn more about his formula, reach out to one of our coaches. Or better yet, plan to attend GrowthCLUB 2021!).

Here are a few of the key reasons GrowthCLUB businesses thrive and why you should plan to attend the Planning Session on December 3rd & 4th:

  1. Workshops and sessions are facilitated by business coaches and industry leaders that focus on helping business owners achieve their desired success.
  2. We will help you create your 2021 business and personal goals.
  3. We will help you create your 2021 Q1 Goals and Action Plan.
  4. You will learn to understand the difference between CSFs, Stretch Goals, and BHAGs and why it’s essential to set all 3.
  5. You will receive a custom, detailed planning workbook that simplifies the planning process.
  6. You will learn to prioritize your actions and goals, specifically around what is most important to you and your business.
  7. Opportunities to collaborate with other business owners. This, by far, is the most significant benefit past attendees have taken away from GC.
  8. You will learn from leading experts in various business areas such as mindset, marketing, sales, legal, finance, and customer service, to name a few.
  9. It is a ton of fun! One of our core values at ActionCOACH is fun! We incorporate FUN into all our activities, and we know this GC will be FUN!

Ask yourself this question – Are you to leave your business results to chance and hope (btw – hope is not a strategy)? If not, then you need to attend the GrowthCLUB Planning Session. You will not regret this investment in your business. 

Want to learn more? Click here for details and to register for GrowthCLUB 2021. Or better yet, reach out and schedule time with one of our coaches to get started on creating your best plan yet!