The Nine Steps To Systemizing Your Business

When business owners hear the term systemizing we often start to see eyes glaze over and they become instantly overwhelmed. Systemizing your business doesn’t have to be stressful! Systematizing is about creating a machine, mastering that machine and utilizing it to enhance one’s business.

Step 1: Vision

  • “This is the long-term goal of your business.And by long term, I mean 100 years. Don’t mess around with short term goals here. We’re talking about the grand picture of what your business will be like when it’s finished.” – Brad Sugars

Step 2: Mission Statement

  • The mission statement states how your business is going to accomplish its vision…
    • Who are you?
    • What business are you in?
    • Who are your customers?
    • What makes you different from your competition?

Step 3: Culture Statement

  • Consider starting with…
    • Your four most important values as leader of the company
    • Your team’s four most important values
    • Your customer’s four most important values

Step 4: Goals

  • “It’s your goals that help you achieve your vision”.
    • Start with the end in mind…
    • They set direction and focus; create movement and momentum

Step 5: Create an Organizational Chart

  • “You need to decide what are the positions there will be in your business when it’s finished”. Plan for future growth and career pathways now.

Step 6: Positional Contracts

  • “It’s very important to tell your people what they’re supposed to be doing. Spell it out in clear, unambiguous terms”. Create job descriptions and detailed expectations for every key position now and in the future.

Step 7: Key Performance Indicators

  • Create KPIs for each position. Between 5-10 per person which track and measure how they each contribute to the success of the business.

Step 8: How-to-Manuals

  • Creating manuals and written standard operating procedures at every level of your business leaves nothing to the imagination. These memorialized documents create consistency and efficiencies.

Step 9: Milestones

  • Memorialize the major stages the business will reach on its journey from infancy to maturity to adulthood.

Working with a certified, professional ActionCOACH business coach can help your organization create system to transform your organization’s profitability. Connect with Coach Todd Ruedt or Coach Dave Steffen today!