When the rest of the world is talking about a tough job market, at ActionCOACH of Brookfield & Fox Cities we are changing the narrative. On September 17th, 51 business owners and decision-makers attended Growth Club at our Brookfield office, exchanging ideas and learning about how to secure the most qualified candidates, and retain them.  

 ActionCOACH of Brookfield & Fox Cities owner and coach, Todd Ruedt, says building a strong culture with the right employees is imperative for business growth. “This is a pivotal time, when the labor force is starting to reinject itself into the world, and we want our ActionCOACH and Growth Club clients to hit the ground running. We are covering all of the hiring bases from writing job descriptions, to job postings, to interview questions, to effective pay scales, to retaining good people by understanding them.”

Elijah Walters is looking to expand his business. He owns Office Furniture Warehouse of Kenosha and says that hiring the right people will allow him to experience the business growth he is looking for. “Since working with Todd and attending Growth Club, I am now hiring better quality employees who align with our mission, vision, and culture. I am planning to open a second location in the near future, and when I do I’ll know that my Kenosha team will be able to run the business beautifully, without having me onsite to oversee day-to-day activities.”

Attorney Elisa Ruer is a Growth Club participant and sponsor. “I sponsor Growth Club because I believe in what Todd is doing. Growth Club is a safe place where you can say, ‘I need help’, without being judged. You are talking with like-minded business people who are going through the same things you are. Or maybe they’ve already moved through it and found the answer.” Ruer attended Growth Club on September 17th, and walked away committed to hiring a 2nd office assistant. “My business partner and I have been putting in 90 hour weeks just to keep things going. We’ve wanted to hire an additional assistant for some time, so we could concentrate on growing our business, but when budgets are tight it’s a little daunting. At Growth Club, I found the confidence to stop talking and start doing.”

Jack Kiefer owns Kiefer Heating & Air, an HVAC company. “I always leave Growth Club invigorated about my business.” He says, “I got some great hiring advice at the recent Growth Club from someone else in the service industry, and I also explored new ways where I can fill the schedule when there are seasonal business slow-downs.”  

One of the most important aspects of Growth Club, according to Ruedt, is knowing that you are not alone. “You can’t have growth without knowledge. The camaraderie and trust at Growth Club gives our participants the confidence and knowledge they need to keep going and to succeed.” 
If you are ready to grow your business, the next ActionCOACH Growth Club will be held Tuesday, December 2nd, and Friday, December 3rd at our Neenah offices. The 2-day event offers you the chance to build a strong business plan for the upcoming quarter, and connect with other entrepreneurs who are on track for growth. We invite you to learn more and sign up!