ActionCOACH of the Fox Cities is Moving!

ActionCOACH of the Fox Cities is Moving!

ActionCOACH of Wisconsin has moved our physical location in the Fox Valley to Oshkosh. With locations spread throughout the state in Brookfield and Wausau, having a footprint in Oshkosh allows us to partner with new businesses and build strong relationships within this thriving community. 

Our new office is in the booming Business Improvement District downtown at 100 North Main Street, Suite 108. The space is shared with Rogue Wave Marketing, a digital marketing company that also knows the importance of empowering and uplifting small businesses within the community. 

In the spirit of connection, we invite you to join us for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 26, 2023, from 4-7 PM. Come enjoy open hours, office tours, food and drinks. This is a great opportunity to network with the business owners and entrepreneurs of Oshkosh. What a wonderful way to start the new year and embrace prosperity! More details and RSVP are available here.

The Nine Steps To Systemizing Your Business

The Nine Steps To Systemizing Your Business

When business owners hear the term systemizing we often start to see eyes glaze over and they become instantly overwhelmed. Systemizing your business doesn’t have to be stressful! Systematizing is about creating a machine, mastering that machine and utilizing it to enhance one’s business.

Step 1: Vision

  • “This is the long-term goal of your business.And by long term, I mean 100 years. Don’t mess around with short term goals here. We’re talking about the grand picture of what your business will be like when it’s finished.” – Brad Sugars

Step 2: Mission Statement

  • The mission statement states how your business is going to accomplish its vision…
    • Who are you?
    • What business are you in?
    • Who are your customers?
    • What makes you different from your competition?

Step 3: Culture Statement

  • Consider starting with…
    • Your four most important values as leader of the company
    • Your team’s four most important values
    • Your customer’s four most important values

Step 4: Goals

  • “It’s your goals that help you achieve your vision”.
    • Start with the end in mind…
    • They set direction and focus; create movement and momentum

Step 5: Create an Organizational Chart

  • “You need to decide what are the positions there will be in your business when it’s finished”. Plan for future growth and career pathways now.

Step 6: Positional Contracts

  • “It’s very important to tell your people what they’re supposed to be doing. Spell it out in clear, unambiguous terms”. Create job descriptions and detailed expectations for every key position now and in the future.

Step 7: Key Performance Indicators

  • Create KPIs for each position. Between 5-10 per person which track and measure how they each contribute to the success of the business.

Step 8: How-to-Manuals

  • Creating manuals and written standard operating procedures at every level of your business leaves nothing to the imagination. These memorialized documents create consistency and efficiencies.

Step 9: Milestones

  • Memorialize the major stages the business will reach on its journey from infancy to maturity to adulthood.

Working with a certified, professional ActionCOACH business coach can help your organization create system to transform your organization’s profitability. Connect with Coach Todd Ruedt or Coach Dave Steffen today!

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Entrepreneurship can be one of the loneliest experiences. At the GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference, more than 150 other business owners come together to connect on similar challenges & opportunities, celebrate wins, working through challenges and GROWING their business.

This event would not be possible without the support of our great sponsors. We are excited to introduce them to you now but we hope you will get to know them better by joining us at the conference on June 17th & 18th.

Cattail Creek Creative Business

The talented photographers at Cattail Creek Creatives will help you build your brand. From Headshots, product, food and branding photography, videography and small websites, they do it all! They will even be providing headshots for attendees at the conference.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Many people dream about how their lives will change in the years to come. Even though no one has a crystal ball to predict the future there are some things that are a real possibility, especially if you have a family – like weddings, college, and eventually retirement. Being prepared for these things can make a big difference, and protecting what you have today is important, too. Get together with Jason Woodbury at Country Financial to talk about your present needs and future plans!

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Evolution is able to work with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. Great pride is taken in the individual service provided to all clients, with customer satisfaction the top priority. Their goal is to get to know each client on a much deeper level than just a transactional relationship. If they know who you are, your values, and your goals, they are able to help tell your story the way you want it told. Let them help you promote excellence, so please consider letting us help you do the standard different.  

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

The team’s goal is to build Faith Hope & Love in the lives of children in crisis through programs like Duffels for Kids, BlastPacks, and Birthday Closet across Wisconsin, in an effort to reach as many children in crisis situations as possible. They are constantly exploring and testing a variety of new programs to achieve this goal.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Good Friend, Inc. works diligently to bring awareness to its mission of creating autism awareness, teaching acceptance of differences, and fostering empathy for individuals on the autism spectrum. As a non-profit organization they use social emotional tools to establish a culture of acceptance in schools and beyond.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Since 1986, Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of HR to improve business success. They love helping clients strengthen and streamline their businesses with their proven approach helps you better manage costs and minimize risk. You’ll get the ready-to-use HR infrastructure that your business needs to be more efficient and profitable.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

You’ve likely heard “Honesty is the best policy” a million times. At Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, they live up to it daily. That’s because their mission is to give you genuine advice about your HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance needs. They are straightforward, fair, and make your best intentions our priority.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

MC Services is a professional firm offering a wide range of IT consulting, integration, development services, management consulting, network integration, and technical support. We are certified to the latest industry standards, emphasizing continuous education for ourselves-to best serve our clients.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Elisa Ruer with Praktess Law knows legal matters can keep you up at night. She understands that whatever issue is keeping you up at night (good or bad) is ever present in your life and her goal is to protect your interests. Elisa Ruer can help you with: (1) All aspects of your Business: Forming an Entity; Starting a Business; Buying or Selling a Business, (2) Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating all types of Contracts (3) Starting a new Franchise or Buying or Selling a Franchise, and (4) Assisting with Real Estate Transactions involving Leasing, Buying or Selling.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

The mission at Rogue Wave Marketing is to deliver custom and needs-based marketing help for all their clients. Their mission is complete when they’ve filled those gaps and have delivered a smooth, consistent marketing strategy that flows seamlessly time and again. Sarah Feldmann and her RWM team can assist you with marketing coaching, web design and development, custom campaigns, website content and blog writing, and graphic design.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Sidekick Accounting Services is so much more than just an accounting firm. They believe that strong companies are built by relationships. Building a relationship with our client is essential to meeting each client’s needs. They strive to not only do our best work when it comes to keeping track of your finances, but also listen to what your vision and needs are for your individual company to best meet your needs.

GrowthCLUB | Business Community Conference Sponsors

Supporting Strategies | Milwaukee provides complete controllership and bookkeeping services to Milwaukee businesses of all sizes. Their clients enjoy the advantages of an internal finance team without having to recruit, hire, train and supervise their own bookkeeping staff.

Now that you have been introduced to these amazing, local business partners, be sure to stop by their booth GrowthCLUB to discuss how you can grow together.

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Creating and following your business plan is a vital step to the success of your business. Coach Todd and Coach Dave are here to help you develop and implement a business plan curated with the specificities of your business in mind. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Your executive summary should provide a brief recap of the top highlights in your plan. While this should go at the beginning of your business plan, it is often easiest to write this one last. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Now let’s tell the world what your business is all about. In the business overview, you will share a complete explanation of your business idea. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

What are you trying to sell? Describe what product or service you plan to provide to the consumer base. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Show your creative side during this step! Use your sales and marketing plan to detail how you plan to get your idea out in the marketplace. Be sure to include how you plan to stand out from the competition! 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

We’ve touched on the competition in the marketing plan but this section gives you the change to go into more detail. Provide a thorough examination of the competitive marketplace which makes up the industry.

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Do you know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business may face? While it is not always fun to put your weaknesses and threats onto paper, it is important to know what they are so that you can work around them. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Let’s talk $$$! Your business plan should include a complete balance sheet, profit and loss statement and a complete list of projected expenses for at least five years. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

How many team members do you have? How is your staff structured? Who is in charge of what? All of these should be answered through this section of your business plan. Include a summary of your organizational structure and a detailed description of how your business will operate at all levels. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

Before you hop back up to step one to write your executive summary, lets throw in the visuals! Include charts, photos, diagrams, patents, etc. to complete the picture of your business. 

10 Steps to Create a Business Plan That Works For You

The final step is the most fun! Show off the hard work you put into creating this plan by reviewing it with you certified business coach!

Bonus Points: Join us for Growth Club | Business Community Conference on June 17th & 18th to build your plan with other like minded entrepreneurs while learning and growing through workshops, breakout sessions and dedicated planning time. 

Coaches Todd Ruedt & Dave Steffen Nominated for Best Community Impact

Coaches Todd Ruedt & Dave Steffen with ActionCOACH of Brookfield & Fox Cities are finalists in the BizX America’s 2021 Best Community Impact Category. 

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive negative impact on small businesses across the country. Clients of ActionCOACH of Brookfield & Fox Cities are no exception. Coaches Todd Ruedt and Dave Steffen saw a great need to help these entrepreneurs continue to grow and feel a sense of normality and hope. From this, the Business Owners Roundtable (BOR) was born. 

BOR, now known as CORE Network, is a unique facilitated group of like-minded individuals who believe in abundant collaboration. When the group first launched, it was run on a virtual platform for three months. During that time it brought together over 225 businesses. Starting in July of 2020, an in-person component was introduced. Because of this transition, members could to continue to maintain safe social distancing practices while engaging with fellow members. 

The success of BOR surpassed even our expectations. During 2020 alone, the group created over 4 million dollars in new revenue. ActionCOACH of Brookfield & Fox Cities is very proud to say that all participating businesses flourished. Not a single one had to close their doors. Many members even stated that they had their best financial year yet!

Coaches Todd Ruedt & Dave Steffen Nominated for Best Community Impact
Coach Todd Ruedt (left) and client Sarah Feldemann, CEO of Rogue Wave Marketing, pose with their awards at BizX 2020.

“I have always had a passion for helping others succeed. And the pandemic pushed me to take it one step further. Instead of working IN and supporting my own business, I came up with innovative solutions to work ON my businesses while helping so many other businesses succeed” said coach Todd Ruedt.

The BOR has and continues to positively impact our community thanks to the coaches of ActionCOACH. Todd and Dave continue to put their client’s needs first through innovative ideas and unique opportunities that foster community and growth.


BizX brings together, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in one exhilarating event. This expansive expo, conference and networking extravaganza lets attendees explore new ideas, strategies and best practices to expand their opportunities. Created by visionary founder and CEO of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars, the event is designed to bring the latest business information to business-minded professionals from across the nation, The 2021 gala awards will be held virtually which has allowed us to join together with business leaders and world-class speakers from around the globe.

Learn more about Brad Sugars and his business growth strategies by attending GrowthCLUB on June 17th & 18th in Neenah, WI.

357 Ideas to Grow Your Business Profitability

How many different ways could you grow your business profitability? Here’s 357 different ideas to help you make more money in 2021!

At ActionCOACH, our 5 Ways model walks you through tracking and measuring your profitability. By working backwards through this formula, you can map out the exact steps you need to take daily to grow your business profitability. Now let’s say you’ve done that, and maybe your conversion rate is less than you’d like. Then your conversion rate is the lever you need to pull to close more sales!

Most people believe it’s always about more leads. “I need more money, so I must need more leads!” This isn’t always the case. There are 5 levers in your business you can move to affect your final profitability:

  1. Number of Leads
  2. Conversion Rate
  3. Number of Transactions
  4. Average Dollar Sale
  5. Profit Margin

If you’ve identified the area of opportunity for your business growth, what’s your next step? Take a look at this list below of 357 different ways to improve your business.

Need more leads? Try car signage, window displays or trade shows. Need a higher average dollar sale from each customer? Try suggesting the most expensive option first, only work with ‘A’ grade customers or use a questionnaire to gather intel on what you’re missing. You can even download a PDF of this list right below, just click the button!

(Haven’t worked through this formula yet? Check out this post for how to do the math!)

Once you’ve nailed the math down, it’s time to pull the levers. Which lever below would make the biggest impact in your business?

357 Ideas to Grow Your Business Profitability

Maybe you’ve pulled some of these levers, mapped out all the things you need to do in your business, were you accountable to accomplishing them all? That’s one of the biggest ways we help business owners, get their time back, build better teams and make more money. Do you need an accountability partner? Let’s have a conversation, reach out at [email protected] or (262) 613-1255 for a free assessment of your business!